June 16, 2009

Believe me, Lady... I know how you feel.


  1. Listen. I'm having a rough time with this pregnancy, OK? Sure, I expected my belly to grow. But these bulbous thighs? The ones masquerading as arms?! No, thank you, I did not sign up for that. Nor did I sign up for the chimney stacks that have attached themselves to my torso where my legs once stood. So, if I feel like donning a colorful cap on my head, or a fashionable green shoulder pad, so be it. And if bright felt orbs are the only thing that fit me these days, don't judge me. That's all I ask. This is modern-day maternity wear, Beef.

  2. what the hell is that? made me laugh, and feel sorry for her at the same time. funny..sad...funny... :-)


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