December 02, 2008

Seeing The Forest For The Christmas Trees

Red Tea Cups

Holiday loveliness from White Forest Pottery.


  1. I love, love White Forest Pottery, and I've had my eye on those hot cocoa mugs for-ev-ah!

  2. Mmmm, hot coco looks yummy! Whatta say you, me and Cassandra get together for a holiday drink! I might even show up with the candy cane lips! ;)

  3. oh this just makes me want to fly up to seattle and share a hot cup of cocoa with you, uncle beefy. xoxo

  4. mary...a GREAT combo for sure!

    erin...YES!!! Let's try and do it! My work schedule can be a tad challenging but I'm up for it! Candy cane lips? PERFECT! Still nuts over those pics!

    tula...yeah. I suppose hot cocoa doesn't sound quite as nice in L.A.? Maybe on ice with a splash o' brandy? One of my faves if I wanna sweet drinky-drink!


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