November 23, 2008

You must be this crazy to ride this ride.

So this week is going to see me burning the candle from all three ends! There is A LOT going on for me this week, Kids. So we'll see how your Uncle does in holding up to good graces by the end of things...? Work, preparations for the beginning of the retail holiday season, cleaning, trying to print up some holiday cards, and baking what will likely amount to 200+ cupcakes for Saturday. I will certainly endeavor to remain civilized to my toes but...just to be clear...this is what the inside of my head will probably look like.

I know... it's disturbing on a number of levels. And yet, you can't look away can you?


  1. I'm laughing and hoping that when I have that much going on in my head, it comes out a little lower, that's hard to listen to.....but very funny! Have a great week!

  2. oh dear! stay off of the coffee, darling beefy!

  3. good lord! are you going to be okay? that video made me want to curl into a tight fetal position. ha!

  4. have a fabulous week ahead uncle beefy!!! lol :D


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