November 19, 2008

Hot or cold?

Photo by Romulo Yanes.

Okay...perhaps it would be better stated as "warm or cold"...unless there are some "hotties" out there! ;) Holla! But a few of us were discussing our preferred serving state for the classic Thanksgiving staple of pumpkin pie. I am ALL about COLD pumpkin pie. Sitting in the fridge and developing that sweet sugary dew on top...mmmmmmm! And, of course, it's always nice to add a little pumpkin pie to top off a heaping pile of fresh whipped cream!

And your preference?


  1. ditto...cold w/whip...

    but i'll miss it this year, not on my "ok to eat list" anymore...allergies & crud like that.

    oh how i will miss you my dear, sweet punkin pie!

  2. HOLLA!!!

    agreed - cold. but not TOO cold. i let it warm to room temp a bit.

    i can't wait for pun'kin pie!

  3. In Canada we've already had our pumpkin pie. I don't really like mine hot. Room temp with a slice of old cheddar. Ymmpy

  4. I like it warm at first then cold for leftovers so I can eat it like pizza!


  5. yummmmmm...this is not funny, you're going to make me crave for pie all day long uncle beefy, topped off with fresh whipped cream, even more delish!!!! :D

  6. cold, in the middle of the night.
    just me, a fork and the light from the refrigerator.
    as long as you don't actually sit down, it doesn't count.

  7. I'm with you ~ COLD it is! Whipped cream with a little vanilla extract to top it off ~ it's not Thanksgiving without it!

  8. I judge a pie by the sugary dew! I never had words for it until now!
    Sugary dew...


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