November 18, 2008


Sweet engagement photo of Halligan and Adam by Josh.
A stupendous trio.

(Sorry the photo isn't bigger. Anyone know why
photos won't enlarge anymore in Blogger
with html adjustments?


  1. Beefy, photo did enlarge when clicked you'll be happy to know - very nice !

  2. wo. This couple may rival my favorite creative couple in the world - Bill and Fanny.

  3. wow, this is beautiful, how fancy is it to have baloons like that :D

  4. hey beefy
    thanks for posting this photo. honestly i didn't have much to do with it except dress up and do as i was told. the genius behind the photos were josh and halli. josh has that magic finger and halli was the stylist.

    by the way halli and i have a new fashion jewelry company in the works. if you want to hear updates about it just contact me through my website and i'll put you on the mailing list.

    thanks again!

  5. jan...yeah, when you click the enlarge, but I used to be able to alter the html code so that photos would display larger on the blog itself. But sadly this doesn't work anymore. :( Oh well...glad you liked the photo! Isn't it sweet? :)

    stash...I would think so!

    emilia jane...Okay, Bill and Fanny are not helping with my overall level of self-esteem with all their cuteness and stylish ways. Ugh! (SUCH a great photo spread!)

    shill...have you noticed that there are balloons "popping" out all over the blogosphere? Are balloons the new owls (or whatever it is that we're all into now?)?

    adam...well sir, you managed to strike a pose for certain. Halli did a GREAT styling job. And Josh...well we all know about his magic finger! (Okay...that sounded a bit strange...sorry.) Always glad to see what all of you are up to!

  6. This is super cool. Traditional engagement photos kind of make me want to barf :)


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