September 08, 2008

Sandra Juto

You know I can be a softie, but if ever your Uncle were to be a plush toy...

Lots of loveliness from Swedish illustrator, graphic designer (and photographer & "softie" maker) Sandra Juto. Going through her website was a visual vacation when stumbling across her collection of photographs - stunning! (As you can see below.) I don't know how I was unaware of her fantastic blog Smosch either...but I've been schooled Swedish-style now!

This makes the impending Fall season seem much more palatable.

Like sitting in a storybook...and I want to be there! Don't you? DREAMY!

The civility of the Swedish "Fika" captured lovingly by Sandra.


  1. Yep. I really do need to be in that wallpapered little cafe.

  2. what a cute doll!

    'designing your life'

  3. Yowza. Let's all just move there. Honestly.

  4. Yes, this is my first visit every morning : )

    I think she posts just as I wake up so I get a quick inspire fix before I leave for the daily grind.

    Loving the Beefy wear campaign!

  5. That picture of fall. OMG. It is perfection.

  6. mary...doesn't it just look too magically delicious?

    ofifteen...thanks for stopping by! Sandra does have some pretty cute plushies.

    jane...she makes it all look so romantic doesn't she? Having one of those delicious looking coffees, then walking through that Fall scene, then into that cafe for a little nosh. What? We don't have to worry about being lazy! I didn't get a working visa, did you? Another coffee please! :)

    Lobster & Swan... I can see why! Beefy wear? Sounds so very burly! ;)

    Bee...isn't it though? But not ready to fully appreciate it just yet. But it will help...I hope.


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