July 21, 2008

Why? Why not.

Ah...the days when a show's opening was as long as the show itself!

(Okay...serious crush on Angie as a kid! SO wanted her to be my babysitter! Sigh. Honestly...my parents had to have known at some point.)

The following two are a lil' shout out to my sister.
Lord have mercy how she loved these shows!


  1. Only in America! ;-) I remember always getting annoyed with the long openings on American shows, and today I ger annoyed with all the breaks with reruns of what happened 5 min ago...I mean I have a teflon brain...but seriously not that bad :-)

    Glad to see my favorite uncle back in business!!

  2. There are no theme songs to shows anymore! It's sad, really.

  3. family ties theme song is the best ever! someone hand me a paint brush.

  4. LOVE this post, Beef! I still sing the songs in my head periodically, out of the blue. "This is it, thiiiiis is it..." and "Come and knock on our door, come and knock on our door....." are on the heaviest of rotations.

    Oh, my friend, don't fret about the employment status. You'll get there. Take deep breaths and do NOT take just anything. You're too talented for that. If you need coaching, I will be right over to whip up a tomato gelatin salad and some lemon bundt cake! (Oh, that got me!)

    Hang in there, Uncle B. Have you ever thought of event production? Something tells me you'd be fantastic at it. That, or styling, stand-up comedy, being a Food Network host...


  5. To funny little brother AKA Beefy! I've forgotten what a TV junky I was. Hey... Hey... HEY! Damn I was in love with Lamont!
    Thanks for the shout out!


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