July 01, 2008

REmarkable REtail

From the gREat British REtail site...RE! I'm warning you now...you may find it difficult to RElax with thoughts that your cREdit card may be REvoked! But, Kids, you'RE in for a tREat!

Now, THAT's a cup! And what lovERly colors!


  1. Oh no! I am flipping out all over the place! I must post about this! Thanks deary!

  2. I love, love, LOVE, L.O.V.E. THIS SITE. At one point, I filled up my shopping cart and had to shut down my browser before I did something veddy, veddy bad. Like buy everything in my cart.

  3. do you know how much better my life would be if i owned that cup?

    this is gorgeous.

    and mrs. french? you're sitting on my head on nearly every comment i've left tonight! I LOVE IT! we should hang out more together...

  4. mary?! how did you sneak in without me seeing you?!

    sorry, uncle beefy...it's been a long day.

  5. gREat, Beef. Another fantastic site I'll be addicted to in no time! looks utterly delightful.

    i said utter.

  6. oh, I do love that place.

  7. Hi Kids! Wowwy pazowwy! Glad y'all liked it! I just love those Brits...can't help m'self!

    mrs. french...aren't you supposed to be vacationing! What are you doing? ;)

    mary...well, at least shipping would probably be cheaper for you. But I am not one to tempt. ;)

    karey...THANK YOU! Isn't it fantastic and I love the palette to boot. Kind of Alice In Wonderland, huh?

    bee...I see that you used "utter" and even went so far as to add an "ly" at the end. Don't fret, those stylish Brits will get to one most every time. It's going to be just fine. ;)

    the bitter foodie...Welcome! Haven't seen you 'round these parts before but glad you joined the ride!

    d. sharp...maybe we can help chip away at each other's trust funds by buying the lot! Being uber-rich is HARD! :( Poor us! Waaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!

    ALWAYS nice to have your comments and feedback, Kids! Thanks for taking the time :)

  8. I adore this site!! And BTW I love your blog!! Where have I been?? Link exchange anyone?

  9. I love this site. They were one of the first places I saw the buntings and the letters that are all over the English sites now. gREat!


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