July 02, 2008

Pocket Protector

Husband and wife team (and British, to boot! I know! I seem to be on a Brit kick lately...but I can't help it!) Matt and Em Bruty illustrate and produce these sweet and somewhat nostalgic silk-screened pieces as well as many other offerings under the moniker Solitaire. While your Uncle may not be able to pull off one of those fantastilicious pocketed aprons, that doesn't mean I'd skirt the issue of their charm. And Matt & Em also make every effort to be ecologically sound which means that they, as well as their wares, are helping to prevent more of a mess. And that should leave you with a clean conscience!


  1. That cupcake one is tops. So is the teacup. So great!!

  2. Soo cute, and usable!! love it, and I want!!!

  3. I want, no need one of each!! so pretty ; )


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