July 07, 2008

On My Plate

Photo from tomorrow's lil' feature! Who could it be? Hmmmmm?

Good morning, Kids! Love this sweet and simple morning-time photo from my tomorrow-time feature. Amazing photography...and you'll see plenty tomorrow!

I'm takin' the day off today, Kids. I've got a lot on my plate and want to get some things out of the way or in progress. I mean, I posted yesterday so I'm thinkin' that counts for somethin', right? So meet me tomorrow morning and we'll have a lil' tea, and lil' nosh, a lil' chat...shall we?

Sign up for the new giveaway! That'll give you something to do
...then go clean you room! Eh, it's a nice day...go play with
your friends down the street. Just be back for dinner.


  1. Help. I want to eat my monitor because of those glorious photos. YUM!

    P.S. I'm sleeping over Karey's tonight. Is that OK?

  2. Hihi I have no idea who that could be?! Lookin forward to it though!! :-) Enjoy your day!!


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