July 01, 2008

Oh Canada!

Glorious image of the Canadian flag by Charles Pachter and found via Ill Seen Ill Said.

Being one half Canadian (My Mom is from Nova Scotia and I started college there as well.) I had to give a shout out to my Canadian heritage and wish everyone a "Happy Canada Day!" I know that some of us Americans will show up in July wondering where all the snow and skiing are...in Toronto. I know that some might tell you how well you speak English. Some of us might ask you just who is the "President" of Canada. And for all of that, Canada...thanks for your patience. I hope the day goes splendidly for you...you've earned it! Even if we don't know what part of Europe you're in...we still love ya'! ;)

(But we ain't making jokes about the Canadian dollar anymore now are we?
So shouldn't we be paying more for books and magazines now? Discuss.)


  1. The company I work for is Canadian, and I had to go up to Brampton/Toronto a couple of years ago. Had a blast!

  2. I'm 1/2 Canadian too! My dad grew up in Toronto and is still a citizen (good thing, too, in case I ever want to get outta America...)

    Happy Very Late Canada Day!

  3. Thanks for the shout out for a little Canadian love, Ladies :)

  4. charles pachter did a portrait of my best friend! he also sat for a portrait by mendelson joe (?)


  5. Yay! Love from Canuckland. Hope to see you up here on the glacier some time :)

  6. Hey Paul! Thanks for stopping by! Glad you're enjoying le blog :) That's fantastic about the portrait...LUCKY! Thanks to Jane (see below your comment) I was introduced to his work! LOVE it and will likely try to get my hands on a print soon!

    Hi Jane...Hope to get back up there sometime soon too! You know though, after the deep freeze is over. Hope you're staying warm ;)


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