July 28, 2008

Midsummer Madness

Ah, finally...the beginning of the second season of Mad Men on AMC and finding out the what's-up with Don Draper and crew over at Sterling Cooper! The styling on this show is like watching a moving mid-century-modern painting...serious eye candy. Makes me wanna walk around the house in a three-piece suit with a scotch on the rocks in hand. Y'know, before sitting down to the dinner table to eat my tomato gelatin salad while smoking a carton of Chesterfields.

Great acting, great storytelling, this is the kind of show that makes me yearn for the days when "reality" television is but a distant memory.

(All images courtesy of AMC.)


  1. ahh. back when smoking was glamorous!

  2. haha...I was going to say the SAME thing, Krissy!

    OK, that's it. I've got to start watching this show.

  3. I just got the first season on DVD--I'm going to have a marathon Mad Men session so I can catch up!

  4. i just got into watching this show when a friend recommended it. love it!

  5. i adore this show too ~ besides the excellent writing, the design styling is so fantastic. i want to steal stuff from their props/sets room all the time. ;o)

  6. This show is amazing.
    Otis and I just got the first season a Blue ray and we watched 7 episodes this weekend.
    Im so hocked.
    Everything is great, story, styling, sets.....its all great!
    I want the two brass lamps in one of the offices.
    Would look so good in our living room.

  7. i so want to start watching this show - I'll have to netflix the first season. That pink dress is a stunner!


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