July 09, 2008

Life is Sweet!

Well, Sweet Paul anyway! It's becoming a veritable boys club now as today's lil' guest of honor is Paul Lowe...Norwegian extraordinaire! (Also, Monica & Kristine too...don't feel all slighted my Norwegian/Norwegian-American ladies. You know I love ya's too!) Paul has been working as a food and prop stylist for 16 years now, first in Scandinavia and the last 3 years in New York City and says he is, "Loving every minute of it!" Paul is clearly aesthetically driven but he also knows how to cut through the craft. When he wasn't finding the right props and backgrounds for shoots he summoned up his inner crafter and started doing his own ~ one of my favorite projects being this one here. He loves to blog as well, and feels like a whole new world has opened up and has been a great way of getting his work out there because you never know who's gonna see it! His blog is such a great reflection of the man himself too; simple, straightforward, aesthetically appreciative, and of course...sweet :)

Paul's first Country Living Magazine cover! Congratulations, Paul!

LOVE it!
Film... "All about Eve". Love the story, costumes, Betty.....just love it!
Book... Anything by V S Naipaul
Food... It's all about my mood and what I'm craving. But I tend to go back to my biggest food love...Thai. I find the flavors very clean and crisp.
Libation... Anything fruity. Love Pink Ladies from my book Slurp.
Album... "In Between Days" by The Cure
Day... Waking up Saturday morning knowing that I have two days off.
Clothes... Since moving to the US I find myself much more relaxed cloth wise. Converse sneakers, jeans, polo shirt.
Band... The Smiths
Blogs... Yours. (Funny? I would have said mine too. ;) But really...who else, Paul?)
Place... New York, The best city in the world!
Person... My man Otis. I'm the luckiest man in the world to have him by my side.
Smell... Fresh lemons

HATE it!
Film... The latest Narnia film, what a waste of time
Book... The problem is if I start a book and hate it, I just stop reading it and move on to the next. So the answer is all the books I started reading but left!
Food... Corn dogs, fried nastiness! (Paul! What are you saying?! They're corny-meat goodness! Mmmm!)
Libation... Sorry to say, I can't drink Champagne anymore. Don't ask why!
Album... Anything with Mariah Carey.
Day... Any day you have to get up early to clean the house.
Clothes... Anything too tight. Makes me feel so fat!
Band... Bon Jovi, don't get them!
Place... Security lines at any airport.
Person... I'm a lover, not a hater!
Smell... Liver. Can't stand the smell of it!

The cover and a couple of other shots from Paul's latest publication "Slurp".

It's all in the details.
The best sandwich is made with... Great bread from Silver Moon Bakery here on the Upper West side of Manhattan.
The place I feel safest is... In Otis's arms.
I love the sound of... running water. I take hour long baths with the water running. I think so well in a bathtub.
A singer I unexpectedly like is... Dolly Parton
The first poster on my bedroom wall was... I think that was a huge poster of an SAS jumbo jet. I wanted to be a "Trolley Dolly" when I was a kid. Coffee, tea, me?
The vice I am glad I got rid of... Biting nails. kept all my other vices.
The one that still has a hold on me... No one!
I am most embarrassed by... That I can't drink Champagne anymore.
As a child, I wanted to be... Trolley Dolly and then actor.
The first time I got drunk was... 18, Tequila. Can't drink that anymore either.
I really don't like... nagging
When I die, they will probably say... We miss him.
The best way to cook a potato is... Mash it. With tons of butter and chives.
At night I worry about... Nothing really, try not to worry too much.
The first thing I do in the morning is... Make a extra strong espresso with a dash of steamed milk.
As far as I am concerned, The Beatles... Are ok!
Plane, train, or automobile... I don't drive, but do a mean taxi. But, I would say plane.


  1. ok seriously. i have gained 10 pounds just reading your posts the last two days.

    i'm off to eat a muffin or five.

  2. I am loving this new feature, Beef. Two in a row? It's like Christmas! You introduced me to Sweet Paul, so I'm fairly new to his blog and didn't know he lived here in NYC. I like him even more now! And seriously, how freakin' talented can one person possibly be?!

    Now, am I detecting a new background wallpaper, Beefy? It's very possible that it's been there all along and I've just recently wiped the sleep out of my eyes, but if I am correct, might I just say... fabulosity, my friend! LOVE IT! Can you swing by and paper my foyer with that prettiness?


  3. Thank you so much Beefy, this was so much fun!
    And yes, my favorite blog is yours, so there!
    So keep up the good work.

  4. Love Paul, and his blog! And what great fun to learn all those peculiar things about him ;-) Can we please get the Champagne story?! Please!!

    Ps Uncle! I love YOU too! And these new features is fabulous! :-)

  5. I have to agree...this new interview thing you have going is great. I have been closet fans of both Matt and Paul for awhile and it has been fun to read about them!

  6. You are wicked, wicked, WICKED man.

    Just sayin'



  7. awesome post ~ so wonderful to get to know sweet paul some more. i've been loving his blog to pieces for quite some time and now that joy has just grown. xo!

  8. Paul is like my idol. I'm smitten with his work. Great post!

  9. I'm sweet on Sweet Paul. Swell profile!

  10. I wish Paul could style the whole world!!

  11. Staking you ot through the comments of late I have noticed You seem to bring out the fun side in everyone. A little spring in each of your readers step. And I like it!

    Great interview too.

    ; )


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