July 11, 2008

I "hate" you!

So this could well end up becoming something of a regular go-to feature in the future. Yes, Kids... this is about the bloggers I "hate"...this week. Now understand here, when I say hate I mean "hate"...y'got me? These are bloggers that decided to selfishly post on something either achingly inspiring, or breathtaking, or heartbreaking, or gut-busting or appetite inducing, or etc. You know...when you come across that kind of post that elicits a groan or a gasp or an "omg!"...that's what this foshizzle is all about.

And Carolina inspired this entire cacophony starting right here!

THIS is why I "hate" Carolina this week! O....M.....G! Holy crap!
(And it only gets better!)

This didn't help either.

Melissa thinks temptation like this is somehow amusing. I think it's cruel.

How Bee could make salt the subject of an entertaining post is beyond me? Who knew? She thinks she's all that and I'm here to tell her, "Yeah, ya' kinda are." That's right I said it! Wha'? You wanna throw down?!

Speaking of salt... Pam had to "salt" the wound with these.

Oh Joy! Oh boy! You got some nerve Miss Joy!
(Omg! Such tiny French sweetness! But I still "hate" you for it, Joy!)

Denise, really? Why would I at all be interested in something unique or colorful or creative or amazing? You really don't know me anymore...do you?

And you thought architecturally accurate colorful jellies would make a difference? I don't think so! I mean, really, Denise.

And finally....Elaine. I know you think you're funny but the reality is...you are! Uh, huh...you heard me!

For this....

and this.

Ta da!


  1. Well, I am glad to have inspired such a great article. I think you should make it a regular thing. Although, now I'm traumatized by the Pam picture. (I shuddered silently)

  2. i hate you too! really great links, b!

  3. these are "terrible" links. "Nothing" inspiring here.....YEAH RIGHT!! Great links!

  4. OK. First, I hate you, Beef. (Which means I love you.) I mean - you crack. me. up!

    Now - Bee. She's a hot ticket. The more I read her, the more I realize...hey...this is one girl I could hang with and not want to kill myself after 5 minutes.

    And the others? Awesome!!!!!!!

  5. Hate you MORE!! ;) Have a great weekend UB!


  6. these picks rock!

    {and i'm writing this with the most hateful look on my face. as a petit homage to your new bedlam of hate! brilliant.}

  7. Aw,shucks, Beef - I hate {love} you too!

    Thanks for the other links!

  8. Wow I love the felt pen experimentations! may have to give that a go! Thanks for this inspiring round up ; )

  9. Oh my gosh...how am I just seeing this now?! I completely missed it. Thank God I'm a regular in the land of Beef. Ya knew I'd stumble upon it sooner or later, and let me just say... you kill me, Beef, you really do! I just can't bring myself to say I hate you, so I will just say that I heart you. MUCHO!

  10. this toally needs to be a regular thing - this is fabulous!

  11. Yes, please make this a regular series.

  12. Cool blog post! Thanks for sharing those great links!!


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