July 15, 2008

For Your Eyes Only

Signage by Beefy...photo by Ellen.

Good (late) morning, Kids. Well, it's been a bit of a whacky last couple of days. I have begun the process of painting the house (Beau Green w/ White Chocolate trim ~ by Benjamin Moore, of course) and am trying to keep in mind that saying, "How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time." That, frankly, is something I should keep in mind always!

So remember my magazine project? Well, yesterday I found out that the article had been reduced and your Uncle Beefy found himself on the cutting room floor. While that wouldn't be the first time one might have found me in that position, this time didn't involve cocktails...on my part anyway. Well, maybe a couple after the news ;) I'm okay, but disappointed to say the least. But like they say...when one door closes, a window opens. Or something like that. Really, a window? How about another door, genius! Aaaaaaaaanyway....above is one of the photos from the shoot by Ellen Silverman. I may get a peak at the photos of my other projects and, if so, will share those as well. But for now, this is it and it's for your eyes only. Take it away Sheena!


  1. Aw, Beef - keep your top-hatted head up. I'm disappointed for you, too, but there will be another chance! I'm sure of it! :)

  2. I agree with Mary. Sometimes things don't work out and we don't understand, but right around the corner is bigger and better just waiting. Have a good couple of days!

  3. Thanks, Ladies! Always such sweetness :)

    I absolutely believe that something bigger and better just got a little more room to grow. It's just the initial rub, y'know? I am doing okay but thanks for the well wishes :)

  4. Ohhh love that sign, and what a great quote! Loooove it!

    Sorry about the magazine, but as you say, new, and better opportunities will rise, as the phoenix bird from the ash....ok now my words are getting to big for my mouth...but I really do belive in you!! Keep up the brilliant work :-)

    Ps! Will we get a peak of your painting progress?!

  5. Booooo! Bad editorial decision I'll warrant. They'll be back. Begging. Pity the fools!

  6. more fool them, their publication just lost a little of its sparkle!

  7. Beef, that is too bad. {Been there and I know it disappointing after working so, so hard on deadline.} Trust there is something great right around the corner.

    Love the piece you did and wish I could see more!

  8. I've totally been there! Another door will open I am sure. This photo is great!


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