July 31, 2008


Modern comfort at Bobo NYC.

My friend, Devon, and I are mutual foodies. She made homemade Pho last night which was to die! It is, perhaps, my ultimate comfort food! After getting the kids down to sleep last night, we settled back, enjoyed a little lemongrass vodka, talked about plans for our July birthday's next year and what we'll be serving (or being served), all while watching old Julia Child videos. So, needless to say, I'm in a foodie state o' mind at the moment.

These are images from Bobo in New York City. I don't know what the food is like but, as long as they have a little wine or vodka around, that and this atmosphere will do me just fine. Essentially, this is a head's up to Bee, or Paul, or my best friend Dickie...this is where you're taking me when I come to town. Hey, if it's all three of you splitting the check what are you complaining about?! I mean, c'mon...I'm fabulous! And that's worth something isn't it? ;)

I'll probably end up dancing on one of these tables one day.
I'll just apologize to the management and the officers now.

And, as a little side "note", I'm hearting these foodie-inspired note cards from Present & Correct. C'mon! This letterpress biscuit card is just too much! And what a great way to get your Anglophile groove on with notes extolling the virtues of British Cafe fare. Roly-poly...indeed!

You can purchase these treats and many others through
the Present & Correct website
or they have an Etsy shop too!


  1. Oh. Yes. This is a must-visit for me, too, when I make it down there.

    And, um. Lemongrass vodka?! Was that homemade or bought?

  2. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh!!

    OK, a) I am completely thinking of that scene in American Psycho where he's about to axe his coworker and starts going "This is Susudio, great song, a personal favorite....You can practically hear every nuance of every instrument."


    b) I heart you for apologizing in advance for dancing on the tables. I don't think my apologies count for much anymore, so it's best that it comes from you, a fresh face on the scene. Just be sure not to spin me off the table and onto the spread next to us. People tend to look down on that sort of thing... I mean, so I've heard.

    and c) There I am, over there on the right! How'd that happen?! Love it, Beef! You're too, too good to me. I'm gonna check out this Bobo and to-toast you and your beefiness. MWAH!

  3. Mary...Doesn't it look great? If you go you must let me know how it is/was! The vodka was homemade...Devon rolls like that. :)

    Bee...yeah sorry, I was still waking up and thought referencing some old Phil Collins would lay it down in the humorous title dept. Maybe it was the velour jogging suit I was wearing that influenced the choice? But if it made you think of a psychopath then that much better, I suppose. ;)

    Uh, if someone apologizes you can press legal charges but you can't be mad.

    True...people do tend to look down on landing in their "spread". That's why I usually make sure to only be wearing boxers or something on the bottom at that point in the evening. You know...as a distraction.

    Yep...there you are. Cause there is hearting there. :)

  4. eating homemade pho and watching old julia child videos? when can i come over? sounds heavenly!

  5. Sounds like you had a fun evening. You can do whatever you want in NYC, just as long as you don't forget your camera (video would be best) and promise to blog the results :)

  6. Thanks...Thanks....Thanks a lot....(detect a hint of sarcasm). Have been needing a NY fix....not helping.


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