July 02, 2008

Don't be such a dic...tionary!

But by all means be this dictionary! Seriously love the look of these uber-stylish hand-stained Italian leather Merriam-Webster dictionaries from Graphic Image!

Don't know why you'd really want to buy a dictionary? I mean, afterall, that $4.95 tattered dog-eared copy you had in college works just fine, right? Really, that's no excuse. You've upgraded why shouldn't your vocab compendium? Or how about as a gift? You think..."A gift?!" Can't imagine how to pass that one off? I wouldn't have either until I read it here on Sea & Jae. (Brilliant!)


  1. Love love lovety love LOVE!

    And Beef, for the record, your comment completely killed me...I was HOWLING! Send me one of those jars o' jam, will ya?!

  2. I'm so honored...THANK YOU! Those are beautiful dictionaries. Graphic Image is one of my vendors, too....I may have to add those to my site...THANK YOU! I just found out about this book, Reading the OED, One man, one year, 21,730 pages. It's out now, but it's about a man who reads the oxford english dictionary!

  3. Those are utterly gorgeous. Of course one would have to buy all four which could be a bit expensive/somewhat unnecessary.

    And those colours might be the new scheme for my bedroom...

  4. bee...I just finished off making some jars of kale, cucumber, tree bark, gravel, and crushed glass jam! It'll be on its way! Happy cleansing! :)

    jae...you are welcome and thanks for the FANTASTIC idea! Reading the OED...now THAT is intellectually noble! It does sound really interesting though. Can't imagine how he did it!

    paola...no doubt all four would be an investment but I fully understand wanting the whole palette. Colours for your bedroom? How very royal that would be! So, I suppose, rather appropriate, huh? ;)

    james...all the better to tempt you with my dear ;)

  5. this is a very glam dictionary... + i'm a horrible speller...so it's now on my "list"


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