July 11, 2008

Chasing stars...

I'm sure this video won't be available for long but....while I get myself together on this post-birthday morning (Where on earth did I put that walker? Maybe by the hoveround!) thought I'd provide you with a little distraction. LOVING this song and the video is pretty spectacular! Oh...this woman's voice! But tell me how a 19 y.o finds "that place" to sing from? Amazing! I see a star in the making. Thanks, Britain!

Back in a bit :)


  1. still a teen and she's so loved here. Here voice IS amazing, : )

    The link below is to my favorite of hers!


  2. LOVE this song. She's a real gem. Just, please, don't go the Amy Winehouse route.

  3. i freakin' love adel...she graced my play list many moons ago..and yes, 19! i am certainly envious!

  4. She's fab. Her album is well worth getting. AND she's playing Bumbershoot this year....

  5. ohh love love love her! Just came upon her song right as rain for the first time last week - totally hooked! :)


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