July 28, 2008


Don't ask me why? I know I try to stay as upbeat as possible here at the Bedlam but I simply had to get this off of my chest. Glass blocks are the absolute worst! I cannot tolerate them...period. They are one of the rare things that make me think that eyesight may just be overrated. In short, they make my eyes throw-up.

And this may well be...MY WORST NIGHTMARE!

Okay...all done. Whew!


  1. oh my gosh Beefy, I got nervous for a minute thinking it was a post dedicated to such ugliness. I can't stand these. Simply awful. And in my old 1920s hood where houses are butted up to one another, it's the renovation of choice around here. Have people forgotten about window shades and wooden blinds?

  2. hahahahah...right there with you Uncle B!!!

  3. hahahahahahhah

    Terrible. Just awful. I am so with you.

    P.S. Kendall says hi! :)

  4. those blocks are totally sexy. michael douglas and glenn close made sweet love against those block in fatal attraction.

  5. oh, lordy. i think i just lost my dinner over that second pic. oy vey. seriously!

    ps - finally FINALLY added you to my blogroll. sheesh. took me long enough :)

  6. if you can't rant & rave here, then where? please do tell us your loves AND your hates.
    plus i totally concur ~ glass blocks make me shudder with disgust too.

  7. Ugh. My eyes are burning. I think the absolute worst place to see these are in a bathroom, especially around the shower. (Nothing like nekkid-ness shown through glass blocks...blegh!)


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