July 08, 2008

Bite Me

Hello, Kids! So, some of you may know of our little interview guest...some may not. But the man is worthy of feature and praise. Seriously. I was first introduced to Matt Armendariz through his blog which I found through Paul and his blog. (We'd all be in great company...Paul could style the food, Matt could photograph the food, and I would eat it...all!) Matt's blog, Matt Bites, is a great read as you will see if you make the wise choice to peruse his ponderings. But if you're still recovering from the 4th and only up for eye candy at the moment he can give that to you too...in spades! Matt is an amazing photographer and it was nearly impossible not to want to show every photo...but that's what his website is for! If ever this phrase was more appropriate...feast your eyes! And read the "interview" too...if you're up for it ;)

LOVE it!

Film...Grease or Eyes of Laura Mars. Seriously.
Book...Any cookbook.
Food...Anything Spanish, homecooked, made with love.
Album...Cal Tjader's Sunburst.
Clothes...Shorts, t-shirt, flip flops.
Band...Zero 7
Blogs...Yours, darlin'! (Not only a talented photographer...
but consummate suck-up as well!)
Place...Buenos Aires, Barcelona, Austin
Person...my parents
Smell...Tobacco Vanile by Tom Ford

HATE it!
Film...period pieces
Book...self help books
Libation...prarie chickens
Album...not sure
Clothes...ironic t's and skinny jeans
Band...not sure
Place...anywhere without wifi.
Person...I don't hate anyone.

It's all in the details.
The best sandwich is made with...the best ingredients.
The place I feel safest is...my parents' home.
I love the sound of...laughter and food cooking
A singer I unexpectedly like is...Lucinda Williams
The first poster on my bedroom wall was...Olivia Newton John.
The vice I am glad I got rid of...smoking
The one that still has a hold on me...anxiety
I am most embarrassed by... a story about me and a shower rod
As a child, i wanted to be...a set designer, graphic designer, art director
The first time I got drunk was..at my sister's wedding. I was 13.
I really don't like...complainers.
When I die, they will probably say...he laughed too loud.
The best way to cook a potato is...depends on your recipe.
At night I worry about...getting everything done
and my accomplishments.
The first thing I do in the morning is...make coffee.
As far as I am concerned, The Beatles...are great but do not speak to me.
Plane, train, or automobile...rollerskates and satin shorts, baby!!!!


  1. OK, I love this guy. I think he had me at disliking "ironic t's and skinny jeans". Or is it that we'll be remembered for the same exact thing when we die. Just fabulous!

    More interviews, Beefy! You do a great job!

  2. I don't even know where to begin! This sounds like the perfect day. Did you save any leftovers for me? Traitor.

    And as if the photos weren't exquisite enough, he has to go and say he likes satin shorts with roller skates for his preferred mode of transport? I mean...TWO of us in this world?! That's just crazy!

    Heart you, Beef!!

  3. Kudos on such an great interview....he really does take the most amazing photos!

  4. great interview. your questions are way better than james lipton's.

    i want him as my best friend (matt, not james lipton).

  5. GREAT interview! (Interview me! I want to answer those questions..)

    And I was loving Matt until he dissed marzipan and I had to break up with him then and there...

  6. Delicious!! Could you just ship those food props right over??!!PS! Loved the interview. Had great fun reading :-)!!

  7. Thoroughly enjoyed this post UB!
    Great photography. I'm particularly amused by the water hose pic. And if there is going to be any eating going on, you need my help, so don't forget to give me a call.

  8. Love Matt Bites and loved this interview! Great job Beefy!

  9. Paola,

    Will you ever forgive me? I can learn to love marizpan. I promise.

  10. That hose picture is cracking me up! I feel like that some days - it's true!

  11. All of these posts are making me starving!

  12. I always suspected that Matt had impeccable taste, but loving Eyes of Laura Mars confirms it!

  13. woo! small blog world, i knew matt through buzznet. great to see him again. oh and i love your blog!



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