June 12, 2008

Who d'you think is the better kisser?

Well, I've heard it enough that the earworm has been planted and I can't stop hearing KatyPerry's "I Kissed A Girl" running through the back of my head. When I've mentioned it many are like, "That's ages old! Or it's probably a remake." Well, it isn't a remake, but the title is one we've seen before. So despite the potential implications of me sounding like some pre-pubescent junior high schooler....tell me...who do you think is "the better kisser"? (I know..."Oh, Beefy...BEHAVE!")

Jill Sobule ~ I Kissed A Girl

Katy Perry ~ I Kissed A Girl


  1. Oh my goodness! I like that first one. That second one scares me!

  2. i think the second one might be la la lohan's new theme song? actually heard a little interview with perry yesterday and she sounded quite annoying so i am going to go with the oldie (which, i too remember from the good 'ol days!). besides, who needs more little confused teenagers running around?

    (2nd comment of the day? apparently i too am addicted to your blog!)

  3. OK, Gals...I'm going with Perry! I am biased because I am addicted to her version of USE YOUR LOVE

  4. Fond as I've always been of Sobule's song, I'm gonna have to go with Perry's version. The video is beyond cheesy, but the song has a great hook. Bet it'll be inescapable this summer ...


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