June 05, 2008

Whitney Smith Ceramics

Can you believe it? I know! No attempt at some clever title here! I thought about "Whitney Smith in Kiln Me!" (groan!) but then thought better of it because work this lovely doesn't really need the extra frosting.

Whitney Smith, based out of Oakland, California, has been a working ceramic artist for over 10 years. As an attempting working artist myself, this is of the utmost inspiration. But then you look at her work, her website, her interview and I think, "How awesome is it that someone who could inspire you, sounds like someone you'd wanna kick back and drink beers with too (or margaritas, whatever)?!" This is a woman who speaks from the heart and, in addition to her amazing work, I admire her candor about being an artist. 'Cause lemme tell ya', Kids...it ain't all romance for sure. But, since Etsy already beat me to the punch and did the nitty-gritty interview work I'll keep it short on my blog (Stop clapping!)...but don't forget to check out Whitney's blog either. I know! Website, studio, retailers, Etsy shop, blog...one could say Whitney is on fire! (Oh, c'mon! That's not that bad! Mmm, ooh, yeah maybe it is. What are ya' gonna do?)

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