June 10, 2008

Thanks, Kids!

Image from Rosenow Floral in sunny San Francisco.

Good morning, Kids! Hey, I just wanted to thank you all for your comments to yesterday's post "Somewhere..." I so appreciate your thoughtfulness and kind words and support. Really...I mean REALLY.

I didn't want it to turn into a "pity party" so I hope I avoided that much (?)...but it just seemed the thing to do. And why? Because it showed me, when I needed it to be shown, that there is much kindness in the world and we are never as alone as we may think. Hope your day is a lovely as you made mine. :)

~ Uncle Beefy


  1. uncle beefy, no matter what you decide, you always seem to brighten everyone's day! what a wonderful encouragement talent you have, something more valuable than all the design talent in the world.

  2. Those are the prettiest flowers in the prettiest vases I have ever seen. I'm glad your spirits have been lifted, Beefy;) See ya poolside!

  3. Kitkat...LUMI...back atcha!

    Annie...thanks very much for saying that. And the same would have to be said for you right now :)

    Lil Bee...love Rosenow Floral's site and wish I could get something from her myself! Poolside? Uh huh...bendy straw in hand ;)

  4. Hey UB (my new nicknane for you!)- Just saw yesterday's post. Ugh. You know I am totally with you in spirit since I can't be there in person.

    I was just having a conversation with someone the other day about how 95% of what gets you a job or an opportunity is usually your personality. Being that you have the most sparkly, sunny personality, something wonderful must be on the horizon for you- whether it be a new "real job" or something you do on your own. ;)

    And thanks for the Rosenow shout-out! You're too much. ;)

  5. Late again and what to say that all these clever and insightful commentors haven't already said!

    These last two posts are very touching and I have felt myself in a similar position for the last couple of years. The negative feelings always hold me back, but now with my sister in my ear, I have a but what if it all goes well?!

    That too is a possibility! x x x

    With these guys for added support I think you can do what ever your fabulous self desires ; )

  6. first off lovely photo...lovely.
    second, isn't that the best part of blogging...the kindred spirit, the kindness, the encouragement.

    love it.


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