June 03, 2008

Subdued Seaside Style

One of Matt's beautiful beach photographs which is also a "Domino Deal".

In the current June/July issue of Domino, I really love the feature of photographer Matt Albiani's two homes. Each of his homes (a Long Island bungalow & West Village one-bedroom apartment) has a beautifully refined nautical feel. I myself am really drawn to nautical or "beachy" elements but there is so much room to go completely awry with these as central themes. Often this leads to more poolside kitsch than oceanside cool. But Matt has put together this look with a soft touch that is, while fresh & fun, elegant and masculine.

You can also see more of Matt's work right here.


  1. hmmmm.....
    "Fresh, Fun, Elegant and Masculine"
    sounds like someone I know!

  2. Really? Who? ;)
    Too sweet you are...shucks! (blush)

  3. Oh, I LOVE the photo of the swimmers! You are right about the nautical theme being risky. Some of the worst decorating ideas I have ever seen came from trying to accomplish this look.


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