June 13, 2008

So cute...I can't stand it!

Did y'all know that I thought of having a cupcake bakery? Oh yeah. I love to bake and thought it was still the emerging trend so why not? It's like art and sugar combined...awesome! So, I got to baking and recipe creating and then decided to work in a bakery for a while just to know what I'd be getting into. Shortest job ever! Precisely 3.5 days. (All I'm gonna say is...if you walk into a bakery and the staff asks you how you are, don't ever say "tired". They'll have no sympathy.) Oh no, Kids...while my cupcakes may be pretty sweet I'm leaving the rest to the professionals!

But I still love me the cupcakes and sweetly sighed when I laid my eyes upon Amanda Goss' (of Fred Flare's Next Big Thing 2008) handblown glass cupcake stand! How much tiny cuteness can you stand?! And it comes with its own fake cake until you have one of your own to showcase! Perhaps one of these pear & vanilla bean filled chocolate cupcakes with vanilla bean buttercream from Cupcake Bakeshop?

Have a delicious weekend, Kids!
And thanks for making my week :)


  1. So cute! and that cupcake looks divine!! How can you do this to me just as I'm batteling my way into bikini shap! ;-) Have a wonderful weekend Uncle B!

  2. This begs the question where do you go for cupcakes when Cupcake Royale just ain't up to snuff anymore?

  3. Well M&Co...if you were just born a natural supermodel like me it wouldn't be an issue, now would it? Please! It's no longer a battle if you just opt for a cupcake over the bikini! ;)

    Apt. #34...haven't you been up to Trophy in Wallingford? MUCH better :)
    (Just click the link in this post under "the professionals"!)

    James...Have a great weekend right back atcha! :)

  4. oh man, i must have a cupcake, and a cup cake stand!

  5. Beefy, I did not know you were an aspiring cupcake baker. How sinfully delicious of you! I'm super psyched for the links, since I've been trying desperately to gain weight in order to FINALLY fit into my summer bikini. Thing's been just HANGING off of my tiny butt. Red Velvet, here I come!

  6. Annie...I know! Well, clearly I like 'em that's no mystery. But can you EVEN imagine a bakery counter lined with these beauties to display one's cupcakery offerings? "What? You never seen one person order 12 dozen cupcakes? Shooooot..."

    Oh Bee! You're not alone! You and me both! I still need a belt to hold up my speedo with so little to fill it. Ooooh, wait...that didn't come out quite right ;)

    Now I'll sound all braggerty n' stuff but I gotta say I love my chocolate cupcake with fresh (that's right FRESH) raspberry buttercream! But Red Velvet...I'll allow it. ;)


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