June 20, 2008

Reversal of Fortune

Fortunate enough to have had my friend Scott pass this on to me, the Reverse Graffitti Project...BRILLIANT!

Thanks Scott!


  1. oh, this guy is genius!

    thank you for this...

  2. wow... that is the coolest idea! i love it. and as a clean freak, it also freaked me out a bit. our world is DIIIRTY!

  3. This is awesome! Such a great and beautiful way to open eyes.

    Love, Betsy.

  4. Hello, Ladies :)

    karey m. ~ Isn't he amazing to have thought of this? Simple enough but total genius! Thank YOU for stopping by!

    coco+kelley ~ HELLO! I know! I mean we know it's dirty but this just highlights the whole thing doesn't it? Beautiful and "eeew" all at the same time!

    betsy ~ Like I said previously simple genius. Glad you liked it as much as I did :)

    Thanks for the lovely comments, Ladies :)


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