June 18, 2008

Raksha the house.

“As a designer, I feel it’s my responsibility to create sustainable solutions to the things we consume every day. With a hand-crafted approach to the Raksha Bella line I want to show the interconnectedness between product and person.”

~ Carrie Peters, Founder Raksha Bella

Just launched Raksha Bella Organic retails beautiful Indian organic cotton duvet covers, quilts, pillow cases and Euro shams that are hand-blocked with classic Indian patterns. The printing is done with low impact dyes for added eco-goodness and the results are exquisite. One part classic, one part modern, all parts eco-conscious...Raksha Bella's offerings are pretty much everything one could possibly ask for in one's bedding; 100% certified organic cotton sateen, handmade & hand-block printed, heavy metal-free dyes, machine washable (with steadfast colors), and imported from India with fair labor practices. Now this should certainly help one have a very good night's sleep indeed.


  1. This is beautiful uncle B!! I'm already checking out the retail section of their site to see how I can get my hands on it ;)

  2. These are stunning. I want to dive right in!

    There was this crazy stat on my elevator TV this morning (a.k.a. the source of my morning news) about how researchers found that most cotton pesticides or directly linked to cancer in humans. Crazy, right?! So, yeah, I'm all about the organic these days!!

  3. Thanks, Ladies :)

    Aren't they lovely? Makes me wanna nap in hammock all snuggled up with some Rashka!

    Interesting, Bee. But I suppose no surprise given that for every pair of conventional cotton blue jeans...you're looking at 1 pound of pesticides! Eeew! So no wonder, huh?


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