June 29, 2008

Oh say can you....hear?

Many who have known me for a good while might
likely suggest this as my personal anthem....

And, certainly while it has it's place
[ i.e., New Year's Eve 1993, Re-Bar, Seattle, Richard, and me on top of
"the box" removing tuxedo (no not all of it!) and lip syncing my way
into hearts everywhere ;) ] (Yes, I just admitted that. Crap!),

I think this defines me much more accurately....

Dare I even ask....what song do
you think defines you most?


  1. Uncle B, love both songs. And I feel lucky to have witnessed some of your Madonna performances. I count them as some of my favorite late-night college art studio memories..!

  2. God, Malcolm Maclaren really sold out didn't he?

    You do realise you're going to have to reprise your Madonna at the next Lab?

    Please stop asking me to define myself. I'm still working on the Paola-tini...

  3. Oh Miss J....those were good times! Good times indeed :)

    I know Paola. But I still LOVE this album!!! I mean it's British AND French! How could I help myself? I'll start working on my "Vogue" right now! ;)


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