June 16, 2008

Yes or no?

Oh mercy! See now...this is one of those moments of "2 steps forward, 10 steps back". My general response would be, "Let's not, and say we did." But hey, don't let your Uncle influence you. You're a beautiful person and I love you for exactly who you are. I'll just love you more if you answer correctly ;)


  1. I am not okay w/ this. I find it strangely disturbing...although, Joey is still "sooo cute"! (Yes, I was a fan as a kid)

  2. who are they? I am clueless, but now my ears are bleeding. I only listened for about 45 sec.

  3. James...agreed.

    Carolina...all is forgiven.

    d.sharp...This is one of those moments that goes to show that "Ignorance is, in fact, bliss." (It's New Kids On The Block from the 80's trying desperately to make a comeback. Um, no.) 45 seconds?! That must be a record! ;)


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