June 30, 2008

Me & Ms. Jones

So I had Heather Smith Jones all lined up for this post for this morning. Then whilst perusing through the blogosphere over the weekend, Annie & Mollie beat me to the punch! ;) I don't know how they found Heather (I stumbled across her via a comment she left on another blog) but I'm simply settling on the fact that great minds clearly think alike. So if you don't mind, Kids, I still thought I'd share Heather's extraordinary work here as well. Tedious (when you consider ALL those pinholes!) and yet something rather restful or meditative. Simple, gorgeous. And here or here.


  1. don't mind if you do indeed, i love those colorful cards! they take me back to my spirograph days as a kid, man that was a great toy.

  2. I just want to wrap myself up in these they are so gorgeous!

  3. WOW WOW gorgeous work - thanks for finding and sharing!!

  4. Ah yes, annie! The spirograph! Good time, good times ;) (Thanks for sharing!)

    sarah & please sir...glad you like them and I'm sure Heather does too. Given how much TIME she must spend doing these!

    Thanks, as usual for stoppin' by and droppin' comments! Oh yeah, I'm pickin' up what you're throwin' down! :)

  5. someone pointed her work out to me in a comment on my blog a while back and I was so happy - her work is stunning, love it.


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