June 02, 2008

Lovely Luella

I love the Brits! No, no...not merely for those lovely lilting accents (How I miss the days of David & Pam mocking me for my American pronunciation of "banana".). The British have a remarkable talent for maintaining that fine-lined balance between eccentric and elegant. As quirky and crazed as something might get, there is often that refined undercurrent that we Americans don't always manage to find in our attempts. But no matter. The point at this moment is that Luella is a fine example indeed of that very aptitude. She manages to inject such an authentic eccentricity in her designs; fresh, peculiar, edgy, but oh so very elegantly English. And here's "Cheers!" to that!


  1. I love you.

    Next time I am feeling a mess, I shall remind myself that I am instead maintaining a typically British 'fine-lined balance between eccentric and elegant'.

    I love Luella too, just wish her bags weren't quite that pricey...

  2. Well, Paola, if I can provide you with a cultural fortification then it is my distinct pleasure. And I mean every word! :)

    Thanks, Ju. Just had to freshen things up a bit. But will be doing more in the not too distant future. Hmmmm?


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