June 19, 2008

How now, Brown? Wow!

Love this loft styling and design by Kenneth Brown. Just the right amount of both eclectic and refined. The wallpaper and the zebra chairs - heart it! Feels like a bit of a take on English style...but, Paola, correct me if I'm wrong ;)

(And if you wanna know more about Mr. Kenneth Brown, almost-pediatrician-cum-interior-designer/HGTV-host,
James did a great interview with him.)

Ooh...and all the pics are from
Kenneth's website.


  1. Oh I really love this! I would do bad things to have a brick wall and a chandelier just like that!

  2. I love that he can make a paisley wallpapered room look masculine. That's the first room with wallpaper that I could get my hubby into...gorgeous!!

    P.S. I hope to see you at NSS next year with those cards!

  3. Love brown, and thos zebra chairs are soo cool!

  4. Oh Maria...if I had ceilings that high and a room like this I'd be swinging from said chandelier! ;)

    Hammocks & High Tea...THAT'S what I loved! I think it's a great balance! Thanks for the props...but I don't know if I'm gonna travel down the stationery road again. But I miss not going to the show :(

    M&Co...he's pretty great. And, yes, those zebra chairs are perfection in the space :)

  5. oh wow... i looooove this! it's like a sassy glam boys club room. rowr!

  6. LOoking for inspiration , wow LOVE this!!

    Jen Ramos
    '100% Recycled DESIGNER Cards & More'

  7. I love it! You're right, it's like polished eclectic. Great blog! I just found you via Inside the Loop.


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