June 06, 2008

Little Bo Peep-toe

I don't know how comfortable these would be to walk in but that wooden heel
and bright red patent leather is pretty gosh darn cute. Your thoughts ladies?

Hey, I don't gotta wear 'em to like 'em. I can't help myself...but I love women's shoes. Not all of them mind you...it's not a fetish but an artistically-driven appreciation. And it's also likely part nostalgia. I was just talking to my friend Sarah the other day about a pair of my Mom's shoes that she used to wear. Brown alligator pumps. I actually want to frame them. They were her number one go-to pair when she was getting her glamour on and, when I was little, I thought she was magical. And the sound of her walking in them was always reassuring to me...a confident and poised, "click, click, click...". Sigh :)

So aaaaaanyway, now that you know where I'm coming from on that front... came across Lambs Ear Shoes this fine rainy (!grrr!) day. They have some cute stuff on their retail blog and I thought, given the larger part of my audience, I'd share. Kristine always says I love pumps because I don't have to wear them. That may be true, Kristine, but for better or worse that does not alter my appreciation. That said, I kept those thoughts in mind with the choices. Okay?

When I saw these they made me smile. Green and orange? Bring it!
(I'm kinda seein' Marvin the Martian at the moment, but I could get past that.)

I'm a sucker for a bright, poppy green. And hey, accessories matter too! Mmm...shiny!

For every woman? Perhaps not...but I bet Carrie would pull these off. Yeah?


  1. mmmmm.
    I LOVE the green ones (surprise)!

    but I'd like the heel to be pale aqua and then I want you to squire me around because you KNOW I cannot be WALKING in those things! I ain't no Carrie Bradshaw, hunny - although, actually, those look pretty walkable as far as pumps go.

  2. You're following me! I was just on their site the other day. Their store is really dangerous. You can want to buy everything in there!

    I was dreaming about the black Marcello Toshi shoes myself. SWOON!

  3. Really "em"...green doesn't really seem your color ;) Pale aqua? BRING IT! Yeah, c'mon...you could do it! It's not like you'd take them mountain climbing! ;)

    "maria", mysterious "maria"...sound like a problematic situation por vous. Moi? Hey, I just like to look at 'em...so I'm pretty much all good ;)

  4. ooooohhh...LOVE the red ones!! Just another thing of the "when I pay off the credit card " list!

  5. Oh, Beefy, thanks for including a pair of wedge heels - MY fav, but I know how Uncle Kendoll feels about them...

    The creamy tan ones are dreamy - Ellen Verbeek is a genius shoe designer! Time to start saving my pennies!

  6. I love em all...you have very good taste in shoes!

  7. Love the green and orange ones! Those would certainly brighten up my office outfit! And they look quite comfortable too....pressure on the quite....;-)


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