June 24, 2008

Good Lord...Willy's!

This is Betty & Alex Wilcox with their adorable dogs, Coco & Levi. I'd like to know them. The conundrum is... in what capacity? You see I have been deliberating as to whether or not it would be feasible to either stand humbly in their presence as a client of Lord Willy's or to assume the role of adoring new best friend? Or could I do both? I know, this is much too philosophical at this hour of the day. But suffice it to say I dream of the day that I will be able to afford a bespoke suit from these stylish and artistic masters. I mean, I can buy the suit... but their love? Well...I'll have to earn that I suppose. (Best start with the dogs. And a cup of tea.)

This was when I knew that I had stumbled upon near perfection. This photo marked the inevitable union between Lord Willy's and Lord Whimsy. No, not in that California kind of way "union", but a meeting of uber-stylish minds. I mean, really...could Lord Whimsy look more dashing? I think not. Did I mention the lining was "lilac"? Hot!

"How many people can you get into a phone booth? Well, Mr Jim Meehan here, the world famous 'mixologist', would no doubt say, "about forty-five". That's because he's the manager of PDT (stands for Please Don't Tell) the coolest speakeasy in NYC. For reservations call: 212.614.0386 and await instructions. (We did the uniforms.)" So now, in an effort to sound a bit more like a star-struck pre-pubescent, "How cool is that?! [Insert geeky giggling here.]"

A snap of "The Gallery". Just one more delightful thing about Lord Willy's and brought to you by the clearly ingenious David Hollier.


  1. So very chic, Beefy. And, to answer your question from earlier, I think laughing your butt off is an entirely acceptable form of exercise, one that will whittle down that rear of yours in no time! And it'll look fabulous in your new bespoke suit, no less.

    And another thing, Beef--your comments give me smiles from ear to ear:)

  2. Alright, James. I see where the focus lies right now ;)

    Bee...gotta save my pennies for that suit! Maybe I should have a little "spare some change" sign on the blog? Hmmmm? And, thanks...shucks :)

  3. Your blog is always entertaining! I found inspiration in these photos though and wanted to show you.

    P.S. I think you might be on to something...."will blog for bespoke suit"


  4. I love Lord Willys, am thinking your 'blog for a suit' needs a campaign behind it. A rally perhaps?


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