June 09, 2008


Summertime fun from Fishs Eddy. The new "Carnival" pattern. Sweet, nostalgic, and golden orange! It might be the sunniest thing we see in the Pacific Northwest for some time :(


  1. Brings back memories of our trip to NYC a few years ago - remember we popped into the flagship store there? If this rain doesn't end SOON, we're going to have to get out the plastic and have a little shop bop trip to the Big Apple...

  2. Oh, I love ANYTHING carnival related!!!! ;)

  3. kitkat...I know! Oh I remember! God I wish I could fly off to NYC...or SF! I'd love a lil' vaykay!

    I know Melissa...somethin' about that carnival theme that brings forth a little happiness. And, the faint smell of corndogs :)

  4. ohhh - i love! i'm on a carnival nostalgia kick right now. i hear the sun might actually come out today in the PNW! i certainly hope it sticks around because i will be flying in tomorrow!


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