June 27, 2008

Enough about me, let's talk about YOU! (What do you think about me?)

OKAY...geez...I'm just kidding! No, Kids...it's All about YOU! today!!! Boy oh boy, what a cacophony of characters y'all have enlisted! Now the "rules" were not intensely hard and fast. Thus, each entry was approached in it's own way so I don't want anyone to fret over having done it "wrong". You did what you did and...listen up Goldilocks!...you did it just right. Alrighty? Needless to say, I've had a hoot n' holler going through all of these! So I hope those of you who participated had a great time doing these and that you other gentle readers have a great time perusing.

Class! Kids! Can I have your attention please!
It seems that The Lil' Bee has decided to join
us today. But rather tardy I'm afraid!
Someone turning in their homework late?!

There will be punishment...oh yes, there will!
Back of the class, Bee! ;)

Happy Weekend, Kids!
Y'all are the bee's knees!

On with the show.....

From Miss J. over at The Flying Pencil...

Martha 2. Simon (from SNL) 3. Jolly Green Giant
4. Cookie Monster 5. Doris Day 6. Lawrence Welk

From James Saavedra at Decor Fellow

Colin Cowie: This man keeps different shaped ice cubes in his freezer – one specifically for each type of cocktail! Need I say more? Kindred Spirits. Aretha Franklin: The Early Years. Undisputed Queen of Soul. When I feel I feel deeply. I think I have my own Soul Sister Trapped inside me! Kevin Walker (Brothers & Sisters): Would like to think he is as pragmatic with matters of the heart as he is with matters of daily life. Alas, under his—like mine-- slightly jaded, tin-like, heart he is—like myself-- a true romantic. For better or for worse. George (Grey's Anatomy): A little bit quirky, a sensitive soul and the odd man out George is a steady friend and confidant. And he may struggle and he may put his own foot in his mouth but he operates from a place of genuine care. Calvin Klein: American apparel designer whose simplified lines and classic styles are always chic and sophisticated. I am definitely a good jean and great T-shirt kind of guy. Keep it simple but chic.
Good Sandy/Bad Sandy: A struggle I certainly deal with daily. Hopelessly Devoted vs. You Better Shape Up. It’s my Madonna/Whore complex. Charlotte: Well-Mannered and refined. Could set your table with twenty different forks and often acts as she thinks one should. A little frazzled and secretly naughty. Carrie: Always looking for Mr. Big. What happens when you actually get what you want most? Kind of scary but oh so good. Plus I tend to say just what is on my mind.

Oh Miss Tula from Whorange...behave!

Bjork, Nancy Kwan/Suzie Wong, John Waters, Tura Satana, Amy Sedaris, Hedwig. Shake hard and serve with a sugared rim.

Matt from Matt Bites
(But he doesn't really bite...he's quite nice.
Just let him sniff your hand first. See he likes you!)

Salvador Dali - Am I even remotely close to his talents? Absolutely not. But he's an artist, I'm an artist. He had a funny mustache, last year I had a funny mustache. Charo - I swore I was going to grow up to be her, musician and honey blonde hair and all. Didn't really work out that way but I sitll adore her and where else do you think I got my moves? Tony Orando & Dawn - Yes, all three. Look at them. Look at me. I told you so. Speedy Gonzalez - Seriously, need I explain this? Fred Rogers - I'm soft-spoken, love sweaters and comfortable sneakers and do kind of live on my own planet. However, I do not have a train that runs through my house nor a lady that lives in a round, windowless house next door. Not yet at least. Fat Mexican Wrasslin' Baby - Oh, this is just me to the Nth degree. For real.

From Monica over at M&Co...

"a tablespoon Free Spirit (
Tinkerbell), 1 cup Seduction (Dita Von Teese), 1 kilogram clumsy (Susan Mayer), 5 cups capability (Emma Peel)"

From Jeska of Lobster & Swan & Record The Day...

Mrs. Flax (Cher) from Mermaids- it's all about the star shaped sandwiches, big hair and THAT halloween costume which I have yet to make a copy of. Amelie- a little bit weird and seeing the magic everywhere. Vianne, from Chocolat - loving the fiftiesness here and a touch of the not fitting in but standing out. Jean Wilder, as Willy Wonka or himself - I saw him on a chat show once and he is such an awesome inspiration and perfectly nutty. Monica from Friends - "rules are there to control the fun" yes I suffer ever so lightly from ocd! Doris Day's sunny musical disposition - I would randomly burst into song if I wasn't so horrified of my own singing voice!

From Alissa over at Grace's Birdcage Wedding

Martha, Grace, Kirsten Dunst, Will Ferrell, Leela from Futurama

And from Mary at South End Blend...

Row 1: (whomever writes for)
TheOnion.com, Sara Evans (singer)
Row 2:
Stacy London, Giada de Laurentiis
Row 3: Martha Stewart, Elaine Benes (from Seinfeld)

And look, Kids...
here comes Melisa-Come-Lately
from super fab The Lil' Bee...

Beyonce, because she’s bad-ass, and if you haven’t noticed already, in my head I think I’m a rock star. We also just happen to share the same birthday, or should I say, bee-day. And we have some other assets in common.
Snow White is both mildly OCD (have you ever seen her sans broom?) and a friend of the animals. Meet Paco, my Puerto Rican rescue. We are kindred spirits, me and Whitey. Amy Poehler must be added for her humor and wit. She is pee-your-pants funny, and I love a girl that can make me giggle. And Carrie... oh Carrie... she writes, she lives in NYC, her friends mean the world to her, and she’s a single girl at heart who found her Big. I like that. Oh, and the shoes, my WORD, Beefy, those SHOES!

OK now, add a little bit of vodka and crushed ice, and shake it sister. Garnish with lime.

PS: Thanks for the extension, Uncle B. I never was a timely student. xx

Class dismissed! ;)


  1. I really enjoyed taking part in this, Thank you, Have a great weekend.

  2. These are FANtastic!! This was too much fun.

  3. THIS WAS TOO MUCH FUN! I'm dying over here!

  4. Hihi good to know I'm not the only one with multiple personalities out there!! And what weird and interesting combinations! The blogging world is truly amazing, and I'd love to meet them all :-)
    Btw. Loved the guest blog you did today, those mustaches were awsome!! Gotta get me some of those ;-)

  5. Thanks to you All! For your comments and contributions!!! And of course your never-ending appreciation of ME! ;) (Hee-hee...?)

    m&co...aren't the moustaches great? So much fun those could be! Thanks!

  6. Beefy, this was some of your best work yet!! Now, who's up for a Crazy-tini Happy Hour?!

  7. oh, these were absolutely brilliant! james with good sandy/bad sandy?! madonna/whore complex?! i can't stop re-reading that one...

    they were all so smart and witty and genius. which makes them perfect for your space.

  8. Uncle B, I'm so worried by how many times Martha and Doris Day crop up...

    Can I do mine next week when my rellies have gone home?


  9. karey m. ~ the good vs. bad Sandy was pretty priceless :) I'm happy that others were happy to do this! And, happy that you enjoyed it enough to leave your lovely comment :)

    Paola ~ Martha wasn't so surprising. The Doris Day thing? Who'd a thunk? Twice!!! And, yes, of course...you can make your debut next week sans the crazy rellies ;)

  10. This was such a fun weekend morning read! You're a hoot!!

  11. so glad you stopped by - i just loved this post, i'm sad i missed it. i have guests in town for so long that i haven't been as good with my reading. great idea!

  12. & we didn't meet at the lab - but that is how i got hooked on the bedlam! we'll have to both wear a red scarf at the next one.

  13. hi beefy, i was on holiday so i didn't see these until today. i can't believe i forgot to include charo in my beefy-tini.

    your friends are fabulous!!

  14. damn these are fabulous! now i really wish i would've taken the time to do one too. maybe i still will, just for fun.... because i'm so loving this idea. :o)


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