June 17, 2008

Color my world.

Hi Kids! Hey you're all pretty aesthetically put together. So here's the dilemma...I am going to need to start repainting my tiny abode at some point this summer (other things HAVE to come first!). In all of my color fearlessness, years ago I chose to go with a very fashion-forward beige! I know...I'm positively reckless! (Ugh!) There's no real architectural interest to the home...it's pretty much a little rectangular box. So I can't forsee more than one main house color with one trim color really. So, I've been thinking blue for the main part of the house? But I'd like to punch things up at the door, yeah? And I've been mulling over a rich golden yellow (HELLO!) or a poppy preppy green. Hmmm?

So I'm curious, Kids...your thoughts and color suggestions? What d'ya think?

(I don't know why I find this decision so difficult....? So thanks for the help!)


  1. oh, i love these palettes!

    but the colors in your post are absolutely lovely too!

  2. I love the darker blue with that punchy green for the door!

  3. print a day...thanks for the input :) Love the color palettes you chose (especially the "goldfish" but I think my neighbors would have a heart attack!).

    Thanks for the weigh in, Miss J. Your aesthetic opinion is highly regarded :)

  4. definitely the darker blue, and since green is my favorite color - I'm gonna pick that, but the yellow is a more conservative, classic choice...although I think green is a great exterior house color choice for the PNW. I bought orange for the doors of my blue house, and I am kinda wishing I'd gone with green, so you could paint yours green and I can be...ya know - green with envy!!

  5. Love the darkest blue! And I'd go for the preppy green :-) But that might be because I'm Norwegian and blue and yellow is a bit too Swedish/IKEA for me ;-) However please go for our Red, White and Blue anytime!! hihi

  6. Well, em...the dark blue/green combo seems the front-runner of the moment so you may be green with envy yet ;)

    M&Co...I NEVER even thought about the IKEA color scheme!!! Oh lordy...I think that changes everything! (Though I had considered painting the house red with white trim and a high-gloss aqua colored door. So maybe I'll have to revisit that...???)

    Thanks for all the comments, Kids :)

  7. Go for it!!! ALso...great for colour palette inspiration is

  8. Like the darkest blue with the green - remember to buy quarts first to test them! Sometimes for exterior paint, brighter colors need to be greyed down a tiny bit to work.

    I am sure it will turn out great! Our house is in desperate need - can you believe we got a bid of $22,000 for someone to paint our house?! Insane.

  9. Lovely palette! I love the darker blue with the green for the door! If you want some more colour theme inspiration, this might help:


    Love, Betsy.


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