June 17, 2008

Cabin Pressure

Flight attendants seem to be experiencing their own sort of trend these days. The Lil Bee recently did a great post with vintage pics of the good ole days of the "friendly skies". Now documentary photographer Brian Finke (with text by Alix Browne and Alison Nordstrom) has a new book out by power House Books entitled, strangely enough, Flight Attendants. Chronicling travels across the U.S., Europe, & Asia, Brian offers an on-the-job and behind-the-scenes glimpse of the life of these in-flight entertainers. Perhaps we may just have to fasten our seat belts for this ride? And even if that were to be the case, you know you're still bound to enjoy the flight.

(All photos derived from Brian Finke's website.)


  1. The museum of flight currently (or recently) has an exhibit of flight attendant uniforms through the years...I heard a radio interview of a local retired flight attendant (formerly stewardess)who told great stories about flying the friendly skies in the 60's whns she had to weigh in, wear go-go boots and don stupid hats

  2. Soo stylish! I've always been really fascinated by the air france ones, dreaming of standard uniforms like that in the computer business ;-) Or to fulfill my dream maybe I should have a Flight attendant theme party! ;-)

  3. em...that sounds awesome!!! I can only imagine some of the stories that woman would have!

    m&co...the whole uniform thing can be quite the style statement for sure. And the idea of a flight attendant theme party? FANTASTIC!!!

  4. Thanks for the love, Beefy! I heart this book immensely.

    And looove that flight attendant theme party idea. How fun is that?!


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