June 26, 2008

Buffet a la Francaise!

Annie & Mollie are serving up some delicious little French-inspired offerings at the Royal Buffet Etsy shop! Haute stuff ;)

Okay...look at those teeny butterflies! They make my hands hurt but my heart smile.


  1. Oh, goody. Another way for me to go bankrupt. What lovely, lovely things - those butterflies are perfection!

  2. oh wow!!! thanks so much for the plug uncle beefy!! you're the bomb!

  3. we don't actually cut out those tiny butterflies with scissors. . . we ask our studio elves to do those ones for us, they are so much more precise. . .

  4. Sooo soo cute, and so french!! Thanks for showing!!

  5. Cute! But even more importantly, fun new blog design!! ;) That's Uncle Beefy...always keepin' it fresh for us readers!


  6. Lovely work, and I love your new page. Beautiful.

  7. mary ~ that's what I'm here for!!! I can't be the only one broke!

    annie & mollie ~ but of course, of course! No...YOU'RE the "bombe"! ("Cause that kinds made with ice cream...so it's sweeter!) ;) Um...and where on earth does one find studio elves! Those nimble little fingers are just what I need! (Oooh, wait that doesn't really sound right.)

    m&co ~ glad your little Norwegian self liked the Americanized Frenchness :) The ladies did some lovely stuff huh?

    melissa ~ thanks! It REALLY needed some summertime freshening! "Fresh for us readers"? Um, that's hot, fresh and delicious! A'ight!

    L&S ~ Glad you liked these pieces...they did such a great job. Reduce, reuse, recycle, remarkable! And, well, a big thanks to you too! Glad you like the new look :)


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