June 19, 2008

Beefy-tini...straight up! (Okay, with a twist.)

Don't ask me how in Frank's name I got to thinking about this but... I bet if you put all six of the people/characters above in a blender and served them in a big martini glass you might get something akin to me. Hmm? Just so y'all know what you're really a party to...just sayin'.

(Okay, maybe I should've also thrown in a little Kathy Griffin? I'm not always lauded for my upstanding social propriety and, from time to time, my vocabulary can be...well...creative. The truth comes out!)


  1. this si so funny!

    I think you should tag ppl with this - I'd love to see the answers.
    I think I would beeeee.... Scarlett O'Hara, Ado Annie, Lucy Ricardo, Betty Suarez, Emma Goldman and Karen Walker, schizofabulous, hunny
    oh, and an ennsy bit of Roy Cohn

  2. hihi, this is awsome, and weird!! Love you uncle B! Hihi

  3. what a great mix of wild & wacky & wonderful you are. i'd really have to think about this for a while before i could come up with my combo. but if i do i'll be sure to share it with you. ;o)

  4. divine combo.

    yes I think you have started a new game here!

  5. I'd like a Beefy-tini, straight up, and make it snappy, sister!

    You've got me thinking, Uncle B... who would comprise my Bee-tini? And would it be a "tini", or perhaps a Bee-hattan?

    Things to ponder on a mildly hungover Friday...

  6. you know, I can totally see this

  7. Glad you liked it, Kids! But yeah...it is a little weird. But I'm pretty weird so what are ya' gonna do?

    If any of you want to have a go at this same little experiment I'd be happy to post the results! Would be fun don't you think?

  8. What fun! Love the label - Posts I May Later Regret.


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