June 25, 2008

The Art Department

C'mon, Everyone! "Uncle Beefy had a farm..." Super sweetness from Alex & Olga at the Art Department. They have an incredibly large inventory of all sorts of different clay pieces but their collection of houses and buildings really caught my eye. (I have this increasingly weird fascination with miniature things lately. Should I be seeking professional help? Oooh, speaking of which...) And, if you so desire, they'll even make a custom version of your own house! Honestly, I think I'll just take one of these...less upkeep, y'know?


  1. I'm with you on all things miniature. It's never ending with me. It makes me think I'm secretly Alice in Wonderland or something..

  2. Hey! Just wanted to say that I love the new header and the new look - great job!

  3. love love love the new header! SO BEEFY!

  4. These are soo cute!!

  5. Hey Mr.B
    Love your new header......
    Looks really good.
    You should be a fashion illustrator.....Call Anna at vogue right away!
    Great job!

  6. so cool! i love the new look by the way. . .

  7. What is it about tiny versions of things that intrigue us so?

    Of course I love them too!

    I am so glad to have met you ; )

  8. Thanks, Everyone for the comments! They're just so commentary ;) Hee-hee :)


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