June 20, 2008

All about YOU!

Hi Kids...quick UPDATE...for those of you who have made the delightful choice in participating in the "All About ME!" fun-fest could you also include the list of names associated with your photos? Just so we can be clear whether it's the person/actor or the character that you're channeling. Thanks, Kids! Can't wait for Friday!

This is your Uncle Beefy...the remix version.

Okay, wrapping things up before the morning does, in fact, become afternoon. I have posted my butt off this morning so I want no complaints about nothing to do this weekend, Kids! You got me! ;)

So I got a fair number of responses to the "Beefy-tini" post from yesterday and thought I'd invite you Kids to play along! Sound like fun? Well, it's just gonna have to be fun! I have laundry to do, I'm supposed to go and get m'hair did, and I gotta think about dinner for you Kids...so buck up! ;) Aaaaaaaanywho...if you would like, no pressure...who do you think would best sum you up at the end of a Cuisinart session? (It can be any number of people or characters that you want. Okay, as long as it's, say, 3 or more.) Compile your answers and photo montage of who makes up the wonderful mix called YOU, email it to me (unclebeefy@gmail.com), and I'll post it to the blog! Deadline for entries (Oooh, so official sounding isn't it?) will be Thursday, June 26th.

C'mon...shake it up! Or do you prefer it stirred? Oh behave!

Have a weekend! :)


  1. Oh shoot! I can only get 4 out of the 6 so I can't enter the contest.

    But I do want to tell you that anything with Rosalind Russell on it makes me smile. It is my goal to be Auntie Mame in about 25 years from now.

  2. Tangobaby...you can play along! It doesn't have to be 6. Just a few! C'mon...let's see, let's see!

  3. this is brilliant. who needs bacon -- yes or no? -- when you have a beefy-tini. i'm putting together a tula cocktail now!

  4. Horray, I'm going to spend my sunday morning (while the husband sleeps in and thinks I'm making his breakfast!) doing this!

  5. Okay now, Ms. Tula...let's not lose our heads! I appreciate the compliment...but "who needs bacon?" M'dear that is borderline blasphemous ;) Maybe you should whip up your cocktail and get to thinking about this project!

    L&S...hooray!!! Thanks for playing along. I can't wait!

  6. Oh this is fabulous, Beefy. Unfortunately, after this past weekend, I think I'm giving up alcohol for life.

    But maybe just this once...


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