May 08, 2008

Take it to the Lim-it!

Years ago, when I was an aspiring stationery designer, I went to the National Stationery Show. While I was there one of the artists who was displaying her paper goods was Mel Lim with her line Joy by Mel Lim. She was designing some wonderful stationery at the time and I really appreciated her attention to detail. Well, clearly so have others as her line of goods has gone through quite the expansion. While perusing through the SCOOP yesterday, Emily posted about this amazing dinding Wall Divider that Mel has designed! Made from corn-based PLA Film that is compostable, sustainable & tear resistant, this is an affordable and easy way to add some seriously customized style to a space.

Additionally, Mel has also set up a line of vinyl wall decals with Blik. With six collections to choose from there is likely to be a little somethin' somethin' for most. I am lovin' on the goldfish and the geese and that pink/mustard/brown color scheme. Yet another way to add a little "Joy" to your space.


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