May 28, 2008

Ring my bell jar.

Whimsical bell jar assemblages from Katie Runnels at the Constant Gatherer. Love the mama and the baby deer in their sweet fan coral forest.


  1. i especially love that bell jar over a slice of wood...would be pretty over a little succulent too, yes?

  2. Absolutely, Joslyn! Would certainly be a more modern statement...and very elegant. Honestly, there's somethin' about those lil' deer and that green yarn that just is callin' to me...?!?!

  3. beautiful.

    you have quite a lovely blog sir :)

  4. oh my! thank you! I've been pouring through your blog like a new anthro catalog! xoxo

  5. Thanks for stopping by Katie! Your stuff is gorgeous! And thanks for the compliment :)


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