May 08, 2008

Over the Moon...

These are some of my favorite chocolates to both send and enjoy myself (Perhaps too much? Not possible!) and local business gone great...Moonstruck Chocolate Co.! Based out of Portland, Oregon, Moonstruck puts together some amazingly artistic creations like the Tea Cup & Saucer Truffles or the Chocolate Flower Pots or the Ladybug Truffles, etc., etc. But they don't only look great, they're also wonderfully tasty...and the perfect gift. Perhaps for, oh, I don't know...Mom? Lemme tell ya', this is one version of Moonstruck that won't get you slapped!


  1. chocolate flower pots! I love these, almost to good to eat, but I think I may manage a couple!

    Sorry to read you have been ill, hope you feel a bit better now?

    The job is okay but I quit so I'm just working my notice! Not enough extra money to warrant putting up with hideousness.

    So I will work a summer of shifts all over town just to tide me over and help me continue saving for my dream. But hey no complaining all this lovely sunshine is making me smile ; )


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