May 22, 2008

(Original image derived from Allied Pressroom Chemistry)

You may remember last month's posting on the first ever Lab Meeting at Velocity Art & Design with the ever talented and delightful Matte Stephens. Well, Kids this coming Wednesday marks the second coming of the Lab and this time we'll be discussing the fine art of blogging! The ever gracious host, John Tusher, will be welcoming Northwest design bloggers Elaine from Decorno, Mary from Shelterrific, Megan from notmartha, and Paola from MirrorMirror.

And, in case you were wondering from the last Lab post, this time I will actually bring my camera and my new lil' ole Uncle Beefy business cards. 'Cause y'all know how I can get down to business...know what I'm sayin'? (Hmm, not entirely sure I care for where this could be perhaps enough said.)

So aaaaaaanyway...if you're in the Emerald City won't you join us?!
Hope to see you there, Kids!


  1. fun...i'm bummed i don't live in seattle.(for many reasons...seattle = so pretty + no HOT like texas ;-(

  2. Bigger versus Greener. What are ya' gonna do, Joslyn? Besides, you could always plan a trip around the next Lab, right? ;)

  3. "m"...does that stand for "mysterious"? Hmmmm?


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