May 09, 2008

Nice package.

Let's face it...I am such a sucker for great packaging. But aren't we all really? It just conveys that elemental feeling that someone behind that packaging is paying attention. And if the packaging looks great it can only be a testament to what that package contains. Right? Well, if instincts serve me correctly I am havin' a whole lotta confidence in Valerie Confections. I love the note they hit between sweet and sophisticated, and the seductive photos of their offerings aren't hurting either.

Established in Los Angeles in 2004 by partners Valerie Gordon & Stan Weightman, Jr., Valerie Confections pride themselves on their artisanal chocolates, toffee confections, and even tea cakes & petit fours. Toffee assortments come in flavors such as Ginger, Almond Fleur de Sel, Classic, Hazelnut, etc. And the Petit Fours assortment include: Lemon (Rich lemon cake layered with tart lemon curd and finished with white chocolate glaze.), Rose Petal (Vanilla bean cake layered with rose petal ganache, covered in white chocolate glaze and topped with a candied rose petal.), Ginger (Spicy, buttery ginger cake layered with white chocolate-ginger ganache and coated with bittersweet chocolate glaze.), & Orange (Dense orange cake layered with marzipan and coated with a white chocolate glaze.).

And if looks are anything to go on, then the seduction is complete!


  1. oooo la la, i am so craving chocolate now, in fact i'm eating chocolate chips, i'm so desperate.

  2. Oh Annie...I've SO been there! But really true desperation would become evident when you were willing to go the "carob" route over chocolate. But we wouldn't let that would we?

    Cheryl...doesn't the stuff sound so amazingly tasty? By the way, every time I see your little avatar I always think of the "Cherish" video from Madonna. For some inexplicable reason I felt the need to share that...??? :)

  3. The treats with the little petals on top are gorgeous. And I thought I'd seen all the gorgeous chocolate in SF.


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