May 15, 2008

Like a moth to a flame...

Sorry Ms. Jackson, not you...but David Sedaris! VERY happy that Mr. Sedaris is about to grace me with yet another publication, When You Are Engulfed In Flames! Nothing has ever made me laugh with greater conviction and breathing difficulties than Naked...but I'm still looking.

The release date is June 3rd but you can pre-order from Amazon.

(America's Next Top Model...SPOILER ALERT!
If you don't wanna
know who won last night's
cycle finale - STOP HERE! I'm just sayin'.)


  1. Hooray! I can't wait for this book either. And I'm going on a trip next month - perfect timing for a great book to read (although inevitably I will read it the day it comes out... but I can REread it on my trip!)

    I don't have cable so I don't watch Top Model but.... I saw on some website the other day that people were predicting the winner was going to be a woman with "curves". So of course I had to go to the Top Model website to see what she looked like. I was like "Where's the curvy girl?" Seriously, I couldn't find her.
    I'm going to go eat some cake now.

  2. OMG! I LOVE David Sedaris! You have scooped this one for me because I had no idea! Thanks, you made my day!

  3. Cool! And my husband's favorite Van Gogh is featured on the cover.


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