May 28, 2008

It's the final countdown...

(Above images via the official Sex & The City Movie website.)

I know, I know, Kids. These Vogue photos are popping up everywhere and there are a lot of us looking forward to the return of the grande foursome! All I can say is that come Friday there will be a lot of packed movie theaters but empty shoe stores and gay bars all over America ;) I'm just sayin'.

(Last two images from the current issue of Vogue)


  1. ""emtpy gay bars and shoe stores""
    hee hee
    I'm not one to fight crowds to 'get there first" so I think I'll go shoe shopping!!
    Good Idea

  2. I have NEVER looked forward to a movie so much... Not going until Tuesday, so I'm going to EXPLODE trying to avoid spoilers. See you tonight?

  3. You are too funny Uncle. Love ya.

  4. right there with ya bb ~ i'm going on sunday and canNOT wait!

  5. Thanks, Ladies :) I am going...wait for it...tomorrow!!! A friend managed to get tix for the afternoon! But I promise NO spoilers!

    (Bartenders better be prepping their cosmo fixins cause it's gonna be a BIG selection tomorrow!)

  6. Hi there Uncle!

    Carrie Bradshaw, she just takes my breath away. I have to wait until monday to see this, I can barely contain myself.

    Hope all is going well for you and your endeavors.

  7. That Vogue photo spread is mayby my most favorite ever! Those shots are so damn sexy. I hope the movie comes even remotely close.


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