May 22, 2008

In Unison

Sometimes I feel like Donny & Marie. Not so much the Entertainment Tonight/Dancing with a fainting doll-faced lunatic Donny & Marie of late...but the little bit country/little bit rock and roll of yesteryear (Kids, how did we let this happen?). Sometimes I like it rustic, country, vintage...and other times it's about clean and modern. Thus leads me to loving some of the offerings of Robert Segal and Alicia Rosauer of Unison. Offering a range of printed fabric bedding, table linens, throw pillows, and other accessories, Unison could easily deck out a good portion of one's home. And while being too matchy-matchy isn't really my thing I'm all about being in Unison.

"Unison was formed by Robert Segal + Alicia Rosauer with the vision that modern design can be a livable, breathable, everyday part of life. After four years of designing and living in Finland, they decided to bring their design sensibilities back to America. Robert and Alicia combine their extensive background of textile design and photography to create products that offer a minimalist style with emphasis on color and innovative print design."


  1. Nice!
    As much as I love a good piece of undiscovered and rethunk junk, I find myself blending those beloved pieces with a cleaner, more modern style. My home feels like a work in progress right now as my style is moving to blending a wabi-sabi/objet trouvé/modern style.

  2. I have every confidence that your home looks lovely, Cheryl! And really, isn't home always a work in progress?

    I like my styles mixed up a my brain ;p!

  3. ah yes, i really really like what unison does ~ many wonderful things to admire & choose from!

  4. Hey "studio"...nice to have you stop by :) Thanks for the comment.


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